Recreation is an integral part of the recuperation process. Our recreation calendar is filled with a wide array of special events and regularly scheduled activities to ensure the spiritual, cultural, and social fulfillment of our residents. At Forest Hill we encourage all of our residents to get involved with the recreation program. Over 20 years of service have taught us that involvement in the recreation program will improve your quality of life while you are here and it could even shorten your length of stay!

Recreation programs are based on patient preference and are available 7 days a week from 9am until 8pm. While socializing in group activities may be the best way to take advantage of the therapeutic benefits of recreation we also provide a variety of books, magazines, puzzles, and craft kits for residents who desire independent recreation time.

Meet Our Team

  • Dianne Hunte
    Director of Recreation
  • Stella Dyer, ADPC
    Director of Recreation
  • Mary Vargas
    Recreation Aid
  • Paulette Gilbert
    Recreation Aid

Calendar of Events

Favorite Events - 3rd Floor Recreation Room

Coffee BreakMonday & Friday11:00 a.m.
Flash CardsMonday thru Saturday10:30 a.m.
Music ListeningEveryday3:30 p.m.
Nature ScenesMondays2:30 p.m.
TV WesternMonday thru Saturday1:30 p.m.

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